Julie Pfitzinger

Julie Pfitzinger, editor of Next Avenue, wearing a light blue shirt in front of a mauve background.

Julie Pfitzinger is the editor for Next Avenue’s lifestyle coverage across the Living and Technology channels.

Julie and a diverse group of writers and experts cover topics that are woven throughout our lives: family and relationships; arts and entertainment; travel; fitness and wellness tech; grief and loss, pets, social media and the internet. Recognizing that as individuals, we each are experts in our own lives, Julie works with people on sharing their own personal essays and perspectives.

It can often be that these stories trigger active conversations; reader responses often reflect common experiences and meaningful memories. Just before Valentine’s Day 2019, Julie wrote a story based on what Next Avenue readers told us about love in their lives, “Next Avenue Readers on What Love Looks Like.”

Julie began her journalism career covering government, businesses and the arts for a community newspaper. That led to stints writing features and parenting stories for the Star-Tribune, as well as several other local parenting and lifestyle publications, all in the Twin Cities. She built her freelance career before working as managing editor for nine community lifestyle magazines in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area. She joined Next Avenue in October 2017. Julie received her BA from Marquette University with majors in English and French.

A mother of two millennials, Julie is an avid reader, loves to travel (solo and with others), and enjoys nothing more than to pop in her headphones for a long walk on a beautiful summer day—a rare pleasure in Saint Paul, Minnesota where she is based.

Reach her by email her at  [email protected].

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