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‘Your Next Avenue’ Season 2, Episode 1 Podcast Notes

Interview with Lola Rain and Josh Bois: Reaching Your Target Audience

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Advice from Lola Rain and Josh Bois on how midlife entrepreneurs can find and reach their target audience

Details About This Podcast:

Lola Rain is vice president of marketing for Embodied Labs, a tech startup that’s an immersive training platform for caregivers. Before joining Embodied Labs, she guided digital and social media for Eskaton, a nonprofit senior living provider.

Josh Bois is CEO of Global Capital Network, which connects entrepreneurs to capital markets and strategic investors. He’s also founder of the accelerator 2030 Ventures and CEO of the digital marketing firm, Emerging Media Partners.

In this episode of the ‘Your Next Avenue’ podcast, Lola Rain and Josh Bois offer insights and advice for midlife entrepreneurs about finding and reaching target audiences. They talk about: what a target market or audience is; why it’s important to find it; how to start identifying your target market; common mistakes entrepreneurs make; how to best use social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest and the pros and cons of getting “influencers” to promote your products and services.

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