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A Viral Photo Shows How Living in San Francisco Is a Struggle for One Older Resident

The picture reveals how high housing prices are hurting

A user on the social media site Reddit posted this photograph (below), purportedly taken in San Francisco, a city with some of the highest housing costs in the nation. The image sparked a conversation (note: some user comments are NSFW) about what people living on fixed incomes and with too little in retirement savings are doing to make ends meet.

(Source: Reddit user hb_alien)

The conversation was divided among those wanting to help, those recommending finding a less expensive city to live in and those criticizing our society for not doing more to help.

Affordable housing as we age is decidedly a big issue. At the recent Age Boom Academy attended by Next Avenue blogger Richard Eisenberg, Ruth Finkelstein, Associate Director of the International Longevity Center-Columbia Aging Center said: “Affordable, appropriately accessible housing is the biggest issue that can limit the ability of people of all ages to live well in cities.”

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