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Future Cities With Walking Paths and Wi-Fi, Please

A new poll shows Millennials and boomers want the same things where they'll live

How to get around, stay connected and age in place: boomers and Millennials alike cited the importance of those three things as they consider what they want from the places they’ll live in.

A national poll by the American Planning Association (APA) showed respondents were less concerned that cities receive subsidies to attract businesses, favoring investments in livability.

“If there is a single message from this poll,” said APA Executive Director Paul Farmer, “it’s that place matters.”

Specifically, places that offer safe walking and biking paths, support of schools, convenient transportation and proximity to work. Overall, 46 percent of respondents said they want to age in place, with 63 percent of boomers saying that.

“Nearly half of both groups felt their communities weren’t doing enough for aging in place,” Anderson noted.

A snapshot of the results, courtesy of the APA:


View more results from the American Planning Association’s poll at www.planning.org

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