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Joan Lunden’s Husband’s Moving Speech on Cancer

In this tribute to his wife, he speaks about the need for support

When Joan Lunden was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer in June, 2014, she decided to speak publicly about her experience in hopes of helping others.

The former Good Morning America co-host, author and speaker has a track record of using challenges in her life as a way to spark broader discussions on topics she cares about, including caregiving.  With the launch of her online TV network  for cancer patients and survivors,  Lunden continues to use her voice and the power of media to share and teach .

At a recent luncheon at cancer treatment center City of Hope near Los Angeles, Calif., Lunden’s husband Jeff Konigsberg proved that he, too, has the power move and inspire a crowd. He gave a talk about what cancer patients need and what those who love them can provide. Watch the six-minute video here.



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