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Modern Nuns Challenge Our Stereotypes

If 'fun' doesn't come to mind when you think of nuns, you haven't met these

Ask American boomers what comes to mind when they think of Catholic nuns, and they might conjure a story of getting their knuckles rapped with a ruler by someone like Sister Aloysius Beauvier (Meryl Streep’s character in the film Doubt). Or they might recall a sprightly young Sally Field as The Flying Nun. Or they might think of the Reverend Mother singing Climb Every Mountain in The Sound of Music.

But you probably don’t think of nuns rapping, dancing or jumping on trampolines. YouTube’s Field Day filmmakers spent an afternoon having fun with nuns, and judging from this artful, joyful little movie, things have changed a lot since Sister Mary Patrick’s eighth grade English class. At the 2:36 mark, you actually see a real flying nun (sort of).

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