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Poll: Would You Use a Playground for Older People?

They're popping up around the country

Playgrounds for older people have been popping up for years in Spain and in the United Kingdom.

“It’s very social,” says one physical therapist. “[We] want to break the myth of the old person coming to the park and just sitting while grandkids play, and then going home. Kids can also have fun here. It’s intergenerational.”

Click here to see what one of these playgrounds looks like

About 50 of these playgrounds now exist in the United States, too, thanks to a nonprofit called Kaboom (in conjunction with Humana).

If one of these playgrounds popped up in your neighborhood, would you consider using one?

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By Josh Walker
Josh Walker is the social media manager at Next Avenue. A longtime social media expert, he's also a former assistant managing editor at Parents magazine, and a former special projects editor at MORE magazine.

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