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Where the Candidates Stand on High Caregiving Costs

In this video, Next Avenue compares their positions

Part of the Political Issues and Policies Special Report

Caregiving has not figured prominently into either Hillary Clinton’s or Donald Trump’s election platforms this year, despite the high number of caregivers in our country and the growing trend of women over 50 quitting their full-time jobs to care for family members. Considering the high emotional and financial costs of caregiving for a spouse, parent or family member, we at Next Avenue wanted to assure that our audience was aware of the presidential candidates’ proposed policies affecting caregivers before Election Day.

In addition to our reporting on the topic, we created a video to quickly and easily disseminate their views. Please share it on your social channels and, if you are interested in the topic of caregiving or seeking resources of support, consider joining Next Avenue’s Caregiving page on Facebook.



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