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An English Teacher’s Secret to Aging Well

She's 91 and disabled, but Flossie Lewis says she feels like she's 15

Flossie Lewis does not mince words. The former English teacher asks the producers of PBS NewsHour’s Brief But Spectacular if the video she’s making is going to go viral before agreeing to share her thoughts on aging.

Her honest, wise words on aging have been making the rounds on social media since May, when the video first appeared. And it bears repeat viewing.

The changes that happen to your body are inevitable, Lewis says. “There is indigestion and your teeth fall out and suddenly you need hearing aids.”

But being old is a state of mind, says Lewis. “Now, I’m 91.  I’m badly crippled, but I still think I’m 15.”

What keeps her going?

  • Going outside with her walker or in her wheelchair
  • Writing light verse for the Piedmont Gardens Senior Living Community newspaper The Crest
  • Watching politics

She also says you never know when romance is coming your way.

Watch the video below to hear more of Lewis’ thoughts on aging.

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