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7 Christmas Crafts Perfect for the Whole Family

For kids and grandkids ranging from babies to teens

By Josh Walker

It's almost Christmas! Time to get out your glue guns, googly eyes, and paper plates for some holiday fun with the little ones in your life.

We have crafts perfect for kids (and grandkids) from babies up through their teen years — from simple crafts to more complex ones — so dig in and pick the craft that's just right for you and your family this holiday season:

For ages 0+

Snowman Family Handprint Ornament & Handprint Wreath

What You'll Need: For the snowman handprint ornament (the first craft in the video) you'll need: white paint; an art paintbrush (if you so desire, to get the paint on your little one's hands); colored tree bulb ornaments with no design; a glue gun (if you want to make the ornament extra safe); a black Sharpie marker; and a red sharpie marker.

For the handprint wreath (the second craft in the video) you'll need: green paint; white paper (printer paper will do); one paper plate; scissors, glue, or glue gun; and one red bow

Degree of difficulty: Fairly simple (but lots of loving adult supervision recommended)

For preschool age and up

Santa Face

What You'll Need: Red construction paper; a plain white paper plate; black, red, and skin-tone-of-your-choice-color crayon; two googly eyes; Elmer's-style glue (or glue gun — up to you!); and cotton balls

Degree of difficulty: Fairly simple

'Ninja Turtles' Ornament & Personalized Family Snow Globe

What You'll Need: For Ninja Turtles ornament: Green tree bulb ornaments; googly eyes; and lengths of ribbon in blue, reg, orange, or purple, depending on your little one's desire (Helpful hint: Leonardo wears the blue ribbon; Raphael wears the red ribbon; Michelangelo wears the orange ribbon and Donatello wears the purple ribbon — and, yes, all the turtles are indeed named after Renaissance painters!)


For personalized family snow globe: any photo you like, which will need to be laminated (any FedEx/Kinkos near you can perform this simple and inexpensive task for you);  a Mason jar; a hot glue gun; snow-looking cotton ball decorations and/or tiny-size Nutcracker and/or tiny plastic snowflakes (the sorts of things you might find at any local Michaels-type store); one tablespoon of glycerine; glitter; loose, tiny plastic snowflakes

Degree of difficulty: Fairly simple for Ninja Turles ornament; slightly more complex for family snow globe -- with a bit of pre-planning required — but still not overly difficult in actual execution

For ages 8+

Santa Hat

What You'll Need: Red felt; plush/fuzzy white felt; scissors; glue gun

Degree of difficulty: Some patience required (and loving adult supervision), but not terribly difficult

Snowman Family

What You'll Need: Wooden balls in graduated sizes; wooden spools, checkers, and mini flowerpots; small pom-poms; felt scraps; scissors; round-hole paper punch; hot glue gun; and glue sticks

Degree of difficulty: This is for the more dedicated crafter and kids who have the attention span to really dig into the craft and enjoy the creative process

If you made one or more of the crafts above with your family this year, send us a photo! We'd love to share it on social media, with your permission, and celebrate your family's fun together this holiday season.

Josh Walker is the former social media manager at Next Avenue. Read More
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