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We welcome talented writers to share insights and advice with our readers. Many Next Avenue writers are professional journalists; some are not. The key is that they know how to write for readers in their 50s and beyond, with the purpose of helping our audience navigate and enjoy their lives. 

Our editorial team meets weekly to discuss pitches; however, we are a small team and often receive a large number of submissions. Writers can expect a response within three to six weeks — earlier when possible. Time-sensitive queries will be addressed accordingly. 

Next Avenue is a public media website that adheres to the PBS Editorial Standards and Practices to ensure editorial independence, accuracy, inclusiveness and accountability. All content, including reported stories and personal essays, must be based on factual information from credible sources. Reported stories should have at least two to three sources. Personal essays generally offer actionable advice that our audience can easily put into use. 

Be sure your story idea is a Next Avenue story, for our audience. Please note in your pitch why the piece is right for us, and how it will benefit our readers. Before submitting your story idea, please thoroughly search our site to be sure we haven't published something similar in the past year.

Our contributors represent a spectrum of race and ethnicity, cultural identity, income level, geographic location, gender identity, sexuality and points of view. And we value stories that shed light on the issues facing an equally diverse audience.

Submission Guidelines

  • Articles are typically between 800 and 1,200 words and written in AP-style. 
  • Articles should be clear, concise, conversational and without the use of jargon. If a technical term is required, it should be followed by an explanation. 
  • Writers are responsible for the accuracy of their stories, and must fact-check them prior to submission.
  • With rare exceptions, we do not permit unnamed sources. First and last names, as well as city/state where the source resides, must be included.
  • Next Avenue is a national publication. Please refrain from localized pitches unless they have national interest or connection. 
  • Next Avenue is apolitical; however, we will publish opinion pieces that are clearly denoted.
  • Articles should avoid ageist language and stereotypes. We reject words like "senior,” “elderly” and "silver tsunami."

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an important part of our process. Contributors will be assigned a keyphrase for their story upon pitch approval. 

Click here to be directed to our pitch form. Please do not directly email Next Avenue editors.

If your idea is accepted, one of our editors will contact you with more information. If we decide not to proceed with your pitch, you will receive an automated response from Next Avenue.

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