7 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

See a doctor if you notice these changes in behavior

The purpose of this list is to alert the public to the early warning signs of Alzheimer's disease.

If someone has several or even most of these symptoms, it does not mean they definitely have the disease.

It does mean they should be thoroughly examined by a medical specialist trained in evaluating memory disorders, or by a comprehensive memory disorder clinic, with an entire team of experts knowledgeable about memory problems.

  1. Asking the same question over and over again.
  2. Repeating the same story, word for word, again and again
  3. Forgetting how to cook, or how to make repairs, or how to play cards — activities that were previously done with ease and regularity.
  4. Losing one's ability to pay bills or balance one's checkbook.
  5. Getting lost in familiar surroundings, or misplacing household objects.
  6. Neglecting to bathe, or wearing the same clothes over and over again, while insisting that a bath has been taken or that the clothes are clean.
  7. Relying on someone else, like a spouse, to make decisions or answer questions they previously would have handled themselves.

National Institute on Aging; Reprinted with permission of The Suncoast Gerontology Center, University of South Florida.

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