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Assess Your Skills to Find Your Next Job

Tools can help pinpoint your best fit


Networking, volunteering, internships, research and informational interviews are all good ways to find encore careers.

But how do you figure out the type of work you’re suited for — whether your skills are a match for the job and the job is a good fit for your personality?

Bridgestar suggests using the following self-assessment tools to help you learn more about yourself and your ideal vocation. While they aren’t aimed specifically at individuals seeking encore careers, they are useful in helping you find the right path. Most charge a fee.

Interest-based assessment

The Campbell Interest and Skill Survey measures both your interest and confidence within particular skill areas in order to determine your best vocational paths. Only licensed counselors may order the test, which is available online.

Career Leader is an online assessment tool designed to highlight your business interests. This assessment will help identify your strengths, weaknesses and values as they relate to potential career paths within business vocations, including nonprofit management.

Personality and behavior assessment

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment is one of the most well-known personality assessments. It provides individuals with a personality profile based on 16 common types and identifies characteristics of new roles that may appeal to you. It must be given by a qualified test administrator.

The DISC assessment is available online or through career coaches. It helps you better understand your behavioral style in the workplace, your ideal work environment and how you might be perceived by those around you.


Skills assessment

SkillScan is an interactive tool that will help you identify your natural strengths, understand if your current role is a good fit, and evaluate potential career options that capitalize on those strengths.


What Color Is Your Parachute?, one of the best-selling job search books available, offers advice on how to assess your personal strengths and then use that assessment as you evaluate the current openings in the job market. What Color Is Your Parachute? For Retirement helps you plan ahead for your encore career.

Originally published by Civic Ventures Nov, 2009.
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