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Take Control of the Rest of Your Life

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One of the hardest parts about aging is preparing for it. That's why most of us haven't.

If you were to ask around, one out of three of us don’t even know who would take care of us should we need it — or have any sort of advance directive.

It’s understandable. These tasks can be difficult, daunting and emotional. Many of us put it off until it’s too late.

Still, every day is a new opportunity to change that, and that’s why we’re here. We’ve put together step-by-step instructions to get that plan in place for the coming years and decades of your life.

The first step: Sign up for our email course, Assemble Your Team. For seven days, we’ll break down the task of preparing for aging into smaller, more manageable parts. And once that’s done, we’ve got even more to help you.

Ready to get started? Let's go!

“Planning for our lives as older adults can dramatically increase our well-being.”

If you could see your family’s future, would you change anything? Fast-Forward follows four families as they travel through time to meet their future selves.

Watch the documentary, and if you’re a caregiver, take the Fast-Forward Experience to help you prepare.

Someone turning 65 today has almost a 70% chance of needing long term care at some point during the rest of their life
Less than one in three Americans have any kind of advance directive

Let's start your journey!



Assemble Your Team

In seven steps, identify what you’ll need and find who you can turn to for help. In Course Two, you’ll learn how to share those ideas and plans.


Share Your Plan

It’s one thing to make a plan. It’s another to carry it out. After you’ve completed Course One, learn how to have some of the most essential conversations of your life.


Complete an Advance Directive

At the end of life, would you want treatment only if a cure is possible? We'll take you through making a living will.


Build a Health Care Team

Primary care. Specialists. Mental health. Taking care of yourself (or a parent) takes a team.

Understand Your Housing Options

Here's how to plan for different scenarios.

Deal With Your Stuff

How to prevent your belongings from one day becoming a burden to others.

portrait of Rita Choula

Thinking about the future, it is important that we take a realistic look at what could happen and prepare ourselves to ensure you’re able to age with dignity.
Rita B. Choula

Director of Caregiving
AARP Public Policy Institute

Master Checklist

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