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Find an Exercise That's Enjoyable

If you like the workout, you'll do it more

By NIH/National Institute on Aging

Some people like to walk on a treadmill at the gym. Others find that kind of activity boring and like to exercise outdoors. Others prefer quiet time and exercise alone.

The key to sticking with exercise is to make it interesting and enjoyable. Do things you enjoy but pick up the pace. Be creative and try new activities to keep up your interest.

Love Music?

  • Take dancing lessons.
  • Sign up for an aerobics class.
  • Walk briskly or jog and listen to your favorite tunes.

Enjoy the Outdoors?

  • Play catch with your dog or grandchildren.
  • Go hiking or rock climbing.
  • Grab a paddle and go canoeing.

Like Being With Others?

  • Join a soccer or basketball league.
  • Make friends in an exercise class.
  • Organize a walking group with friends or co-workers.

Want to Be on Your Own?

  • Swim laps.
  • Spend an hour at the batting cage.
  • Use an exercise video at home.

Feel the Need to Multitask?

  • Lift weights while you watch TV.
  • Do balance exercises while waiting in line.
  • Walk on a treadmill while you listen to an audio book.

This material is provided by Go4Life, the exercise and physical activity campaign for adults over 50 from the National Institute on Aging at NIH.

NIH/National Institute on Aging
By NIH/National Institute on Aging
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