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Gay Men Don't Get Old

The secret? It starts with fabulosity — and youthful, playful creativity

By Simon Doonan

So many of my straight women friends have become overly self-critical in the last few years. They now hold themselves to impossibly high standards of Botox’d perfection: They feel they must, regardless of age, become as beautiful as Angelina Jolie. They also feel compelled to be professionally successful. Their masochistic lives are devoted to meeting if not exceeding these self-imposed expectations. Girls! Cut yourselves some slack!

Does every gay man live a life of ageless, self-confident, fearless flamboyance? No. But many do. Find one today. Then grab that urn full of coins and start pouring!!!  

Simon Doonan, creative ambassador at large for Barneys New York, is the author of six books, including Wacky Chicks, Nasty and, most recently, Gay Men Don't Get Fat.

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