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The Job Seeker's Holiday Survival Guide

Ten ways to look for work in December and beyond

By Bill Hartnett, AOL Jobs



Here are ten steps to kickstart your job hunt in the month of December.


1. Set up appointments during the week between Christmas and New Year. Plenty of people are still in the office and chances are they have some free time. This is a terrific time to meet with people when they aren't rushed. Not everyone will be around, so spread your net wide and nail down some meetings.



3. Expand your social media footprint. Social is a great way to connect with thought leaders in your industry and learn more about companies you want to work for. Follow new people on Twitter. Join groups on LinkedIn. Even Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with industry colleagues. Sign up for a new social platform and make new connections. But don't stop there. Post items relevant to your line of work. Comment. Listen. Engage.






7. Keep in touch with people. The holidays are a great time to write catch-up emails to your friends and colleagues. You don't need a reason other than to wish them well. While you're at it, suggest a get-together.


8. Offer yourself up as holiday relief. Plenty of companies may need seasonal help or vacation filli-ins. What starts as a three-day assignment may lead to more work or even a job.


9. Prep for January. Plenty of folks will ask to meet after the holidays. Say "Yes" and set a date. Nothing feels better than sprinting into the new year with a host of meetings on the calendar.


10. Take some time for yourself. Yes, you deserve a break. Remember to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. Unemployment is only temporary, but great memories of holidays well-celebrated last forever.


Good luck and happy hunting! Enjoy the holidays. 

Bill Hartnett is a contributor for who is on the hunt for a full-time job.  This article which appeared originally on is reprinted with permission.  


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