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‘Your Next Avenue’ Podcast Episode 6: Age Discrimination

Advice for 50+ job hunters from employment lawyer and author Lori Rassas

Job seekers over 50 often feel that employers reject them due to their age and stereotypical, ageist views held by hiring managers. In the new Episode 6 of the free, 20-minute “Your Next Avenue” podcast, host Richard Eisenberg (Next Avenue’s Work & Purpose channel editor) gets insights and advice about age discrimination, real and perceived, from employment lawyer and author Lori Rassas. You can listen to it here.

Rassas is author of Over the Hill But Not the Cliff: 5 Strategies for 50+ Job Seekers to Push Past Ageism & Find a Job in the Loyalty-Free Workplace and The Perpetual Paycheck: Volumes 1 and 2, a pair of books about how to get and keep a job. She also has a consulting practice coaching job seekers, offering training workshops and providing guidance on human resources matters.

In the “Your Next Avenue” podcast, Rassas explains why she thinks age discrimination towards job applicants is getting worse, how employers get away with it and what older job hunters should do and say when they think an interviewer has doubts about their ability to do the work or accept the salary. Rassas also offers tips on how to suss out whether an employer is less likely to consider older candidates. And she explains why job hunters over 50 should target small businesses for employment opportunities.

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