Open Enrollment Came and Went in the Blink of an Eye

What to do about vision care if you missed It

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Navigating health insurance needs and the options available to you are daunting tasks at any age, but even more so when you are nearing or during retirement. Complicating the matter is the fact that the roadmap is different for each of us.

There are numerous factors at play that should be considered: Are you planning to buy insurance on your own? Will you benefit from a current- or past-employer-supported health care benefits plan? Are you planning to rely solely on traditional Medicare coverage for your health care needs?

No matter your path, the most important thing to remember is the deadline for your open enrollment process. Employers typically hold open enrollment in the fall, and many state exchanges post open enrollment in the winter — squeezed right between the holidays, so it is easy to miss. Now that we are in the new year, options are dwindling as many states have already closed their enrollment periods, or are about to do so in the coming weeks.

Did You Miss Open Enrollment?

First the bad news: If you missed the deadline for open enrollment you may have to wait until the 2019 enrollment period opens later this year to secure health care coverage. But don’t panic. The good news is when it comes to vision care, you don’t have to wait until the next enrollment period. You can sign up for new vision care coverage at any time with a VSP® Individual Vision Plan.

Until recently there were very few — if any — options for individuals to ensure their own vision care coverage. VSP Vision Care saw the need for this service, and 10 years ago began offering the industry’s first nationally available Individual Vision Plan to ensure everyone who can benefit from an Individual Vision Plan knows about it, and that nobody has to go without quality vision care.

This is especially important for those nearing retirement and looking to Medicare for healthcare coverage. Most people don’t know what their post-retirement vision coverage options are. And for those leaning on Medicare, too many assume their eyes are fully covered, but few realize that traditional Medicare does not include glasses or contacts.

How to Keep a Vision Plan Working, Even if You Aren’t

With the largest independent doctor network in the vision care world, a VSP Individual Vision Plan gives you the best chance to keep your care consistent by keeping your preferred eye doctor.

Ready for the best news? For as little as $17 per month, VSP Individual Vision Plans are the lowest out-of-pocket cost option so you not only get personal attention and access to quality care you value, but you don’t have to spend more to get it.

What Should I Do Next?

Take control of your vision care to get the quality coverage you need. VSP Individual Vision Plans are a low-cost option, providing an average savings of more than $200 per year. Get the most benefits for your money with a plan that annually delivers a comprehensive eye exam, prescription lenses and covered enhancement like progressives, a generous allowance on a wide selection of frames and/or contacts and access to the largest network of independent doctors. Visit VSPDirect.com or call 877.988.4746 to enroll today.

What Not to Do

Don’t go without vision coverage. At any age, comprehensive eye exams may reveal chronic health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure before they become a problem. Consider it a window into your overall health that can help you prevent costly chronic health conditions down the road. By investing in your eye health today, you will likely limit the cost of your health care needs in the years to come. Of course, there are no guarantees, but living a healthy lifestyle and receiving preventative care will help you enjoy life — and make living it more affordable for years to come.

By VSP Vision Care

VSP Individual Vision Plans provide affordable individual and family vision plans you can buy on your own.

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