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Podcast: Recovering From a Job Loss After 50

How this woman bounced back, and how you can, too

Handed a pink slip in your 50’s? Looking for purpose and a paycheck in your 60’s?

In the episode below of my free, weekly Unretirement podcast (roughly 25 minutes), listen to the story of Tene Wells, who abruptly lost her job at age 56 and is now building a business aimed at helping low-income families with their finances. You’ll also hear tips on how to bounce back from a job loss after 50, including advice from Encore.org’s Marci Alboher (author of The Encore Career Handbookon embarking on a transition in the second half of life.

In addition, in every Unretirement episode, I answer a listener’s question. This time it’s: Should I sell my home and move into a smaller place that costs less so I can travel, spend less time on maintenance and have more money set aside when I stop working?

If you have an unretirement question or story, please get in touch.  I’m always looking for inspiring stories and trying to answer as many listener questions as possible.

One other request: If you enjoy this episode, please rate and review it on iTunes.  It helps us improve the show and get the word out to new listeners. Thanks!

Chris Farrell
By Chris Farrell
Chris Farrell is senior economics contributor for American Public Media's Marketplace. An award-winning journalist, he is author
 of the books Purpose and a Paycheck:  Finding Meaning, Money and Happiness in the Second Half of Life and Unretirement: How Baby Boomers Are Changing the Way We Think About Work, Community, and The Good Life.@cfarrellecon

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