Poll: Did This Holiday Commercial Go Too Far?

See the German TV ad that delivers a hefty emotional punch

Nobody wants to be alone over the holidays. It’s a subject Germany’s largest grocery chain takes on in a new, nearly-two-minute ad that, quite literally, has the whole world talking.

Headlines from around the globe include: “The Commercial That’s Breaking the Internet’s Heart” and “The Saddest and Sweetest Christmas Ad Ever”  and  “German Holiday Commercial: Horrible or Brilliant?

The ad begins with an older man — the patriarch of a family — learning through a series of voicemail messages that his children and grandchildren won’t be coming home for the holidays. Then, the man takes a drastic step that ensures his whole family will make it home after all.

Watch the commercial for yourself:

On social media, some have said the ad goes a little too far in making its emotional point. Others say the TV spot is perfectly fair, making a powerful case for the importance of spending time with family over the holidays.

What do you think? Too far, or fair game?

By Josh Walker
Josh Walker is the social media manager at Next Avenue. A longtime social media expert, he's also a former assistant managing editor at Parents magazine, and a former special projects editor at MORE magazine.

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