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Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Women’s Cardiac Health

The following is a list of questions for discussion with your doctor about women's cardiac health from Second Opinion.

This list of questions will provide a good starting point for a discussion with your doctor. But it is not a complete list.

  • What is my blood pressure?
  • What are my cholesterol numbers?
  • What is my blood sugar level, and does it mean I'm at risk for diabetes?
  • What is my risk for heart disease?
  • What is the current condition of my heart and coronary arteries?
  • What lifestyle changes (like diet, exercise, etc.) should I make to prevent heart disease?
  • Do I need screening tests, even though I don't have heart disease symptoms?
  • I've noticed these symptoms:  …  What medical tests should I take to get an accurate diagnosis?
  • How can I tell if I'm having a heart attack?

If your doctor finds evidence of heart disease:

  • How dangerous is my condition?
  • What lifestyle changes (like diet, exercise, etc.) should I make to treat my condition?
  • What medications can I take to slow down the progression of my condition?
  • What are the treatment options, and what are their benefits, risks and side effects?
  • What follow-up care will I need?
  • If I have pain, how will it be managed?

This article reprinted with permission from Second Opinion, a public television health program hosted by Dr. Peter Salgo and produced by WXXI (Rochester, N.Y.),  West 175 and the University of Rochester Medical Center.

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