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Listen: ‘Your Next Avenue’ Podcast With Richard Eisenberg

A new podcast explores work and career issues for people over 50

Your Next Avenue, a podcast from the public media website Next Avenue, talks with experts about finding jobs after 50, switching careers, working in retirement, encore careers and volunteering. Host Richard Eisenberg interviews guests who will give listeners practical suggestions to put to use in their own lives.

Below is a list of podcast episodes that you can stream or download.

Episode 1: Finding a Job After 50
Interview with Kerry Hannon, who is a career expert, author and Next Avenue blogger


Advice on dealing with age discrimination, changing careers, working part-time in retirement, encore careers, job interviews, resumés, LinkedIn, networking, where the jobs are, job boards and becoming a consultant. Read the detailed show notes from this episode.

Episode 2: Part-Time Work in Retirement

Interview with Nancy Collamer, who is a career coach, author and Next Avenue blogger


Advice on second-act careers, flexible work in retirement, becoming an entrepreneur, the gig economy, visualizing your future in retirement, finding work you’d like to do in retirement, investing in yourself, multiple streams of income, becoming a consultant, running a franchise, encore careers, getting paid to travel and getting benefits as a part-time worker. Read the detailed show notes from this episode.

Episode 3: Career Pivot After 50

Interview with Marc Miller of CareerPivot.com and careers author


Host Richard Eisenberg interviews Marc Miller of CareerPivot.com for advice on making a career pivot after 50, how to switch fields and how not to, what it takes to make a career pivot, who can help you do it. Read the detailed show notes from this episode.

Episode 4: Launching an Encore Career

Interview with Marci Alboher of Encore.com and author of The Encore Career Handbook


Advice on what an encore career is, how to prepare for one, how to find a nonprofit that might want your skills and services, Encore Fellowships and Encore.org’s Generation to Generation initiative where people 50+ assist young people.  Read the detailed show notes from this episode.


Never listened to a podcast before? It’s easier than you think:

  • On Next Avenue, you can just  click on the episode (above) you want to hear and then press play to listen immediately or click the download button (that square icon with the arrow pointing down).
  • If you want to listen on your iPhone or iPad, Apple offers a simple list of instructions. And if you like what you hear, please leave a positive review and rating on iTunes.
  • If you want to download to your Android or Samsung phone through Google Play, here’s how.


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